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Interior Painting

Scott Painting is one of South Florida’s best painting contractors for interior painting. Our highly-skilled, experienced painters specialize in everything you need for your next interior painting project, including room painting, staining, wall repair, ceiling repair, wallpaper removal, and more.

The first step to an amazing interior painting project is discovering exactly how you want the finished room to look. Our master craftsmen take the time to meet with each client to decide the exact colors, textures, and types of paint that will transform your decorating vision into reality.

Setting the Stage for Excellence

The key to successful interior painting is preparation. We set the stage for outstanding interior painting by covering all carpeted areas, removing wall hangings, and even moving or covering furniture. We can patch holes, fill dents, and even replace worn or soggy drywall to make sure the finished interior painting project looks better than brand new.

Too many painting contractors don’t take the time to create the ideal environment for a high-quality interior paint job. That’s when you end up with unwanted problems like paint drips, paint streaking, faded areas, or paint footprints on rugs, wood flooring, or other surfaces.

But not at Scott Painting. We’ve built our reputation as one of South Florida’s leading interior painting contractors by paying attention to detail. We don’t take shortcuts and we refuse to cut corners. Instead, on every job we do we devote our time and attention to providing you with the top-quality interior painting job you expect, beginning with the preparation.

When you bring Scott Painting into your home or property, you can rely on professional, top-quality painting expertise on every job, every time. We begin by meeting with you before the project even begins to determine exactly when you can expect the job to start and finish. Then we get to work preparing the surfaces to be painted while always paying close attention to detail, including keeping the work area — and your home — neat and clean.

We apply your pre-approved colors, textures, and paint types according to your specifications, typically applying a minimum of two coats fon most jobs, especially in the case of color changes. We also recommend using only premium grade painting products — including leading brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Glidden, and others — so you can count on durability and superior colors that last for years without fading.

For all of your home or property’s interior painting needs, you can count on the painting professionals at Scott Painting, one of South Florida’s oldest and most trusted interior painting professionals.

Exterior Painting

The way your home looks from the outside is just as important by how warm and comfortable it is on the inside. The exterior of your home affects not just your reputation on your block, but also the actual value of your home. A bad exterior paint job not only will make you unpopular with the neighbors, but it also can drag down the resale value of your property.

At Scott Painting, we provide the high-quality, professional exterior painting services you can rely on to keep your home looking its best. As one of South Florida’s oldest and most reliable exterior painting contractors, we have the experience, the expertise, and the passion to make your home the most attractive on your block.

Exterior Painting Services

The experienced painting professionals at Scott Painting have the knowledge and expertise to exceed your expectations, whether your home has aluminum, wood, composite siding, brick, stucco, or any other building material. We use a variety of exterior painting techniques depending on the type of paint being used and the size and complexity of the job, including spray, brush, roll, or a combination of all three.

Once we start your exterior painting project, you can rely on your job having our full attention. We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t cut corners, and we don’t take on too many jobs all at once. Instead, we are detail-oriented, experienced painters who are devoted to providing our clients with the best exterior painting available one job at a time.

We have built our reputation as one of South Florida’s leading exterior painting contractors by providing outstanding work by passionate professionals.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to tackle an exterior painting job on their own. This is often a mistake. In fact, a lot of our clients over the years have been distressed homeowners calling us in a panic after realizing they have taken on more than they could handle. Or they hire us after being disappointed by the work of amateurs.

Painting the outside of your home is a big job and an important one. There is simply too much riding on how your home looks from the outside to hand the job off to painters who are inexperienced or unreliable.

At Scott Painting, we have painted the exteriors of some of the biggest and most recognizable homes in South Florida. And we can bring that same passion and attention to detail to your next exterior painting project.

There’s too much riding on the way your home looks to leave your exterior painting to amateurs. Trust the experts who have been providing top-quality, professional exterior painting services to South Florida home and property owners for nearly 50 years. Call Scott Painting and start transforming your home today.

Maintenance and Touch Ups

Homes can take a beating over the years. Especially in South Florida where the weather can be extreme and often unpredictable. Peeling paint from high humidity, hail or hurricane damage, or paint that is faded from near-constant direct sunlight are just some of the most common exterior paint problems experienced by home and property owners in our region.

Interior painting often doesn’t fare much better, especially if you have children or pets. Stains, dents, ink or marker drawings, or even holes or punchouts tend to be par for the course for parents and pet owners.

At Scott Painting, we offer maintenance and touch up services for both interior and exterior paint jobs. Our master craftsmen are devoted to detail. So we can repair or touch up problem areas in both interiors and exteriors of your home or property. And we can get the job done quickly, professionally, and with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

Vacation and Rental Homes

One of the most common types of clients we have is vacation or rental property owners. When you let strangers into your property, who knows the damage they can cause? A lot of short-term renters lack respect for your property. So they can leave behind stains, markings, and even dents or holes in walls or ceilings. And if these aren’t repaired or removed before the next renter arrives, it can harm your reputation as well as the rental value of your property.

The professionals at Scott Painting can get in, get the maintenance or touch up job done quickly and completely, then get out before anybody even knows anything happened. We take pride in providing vacation and rental property owners with comprehensive and professional maintenance and touch up services that leave your property looking better than brand new.

Sometimes interior or exterior paint jobs don’t need to be completely redone. You can save time and money by simply having Scott Painting fix problem areas in your home with maintenance or touch up work while leaving the rest of the paint job alone. Short-term fixes are often enough to restore your home, rental, or vacation property to its original look without the cost or disruption of a complete interior or exterior painting project.

Whether you need maintenance or touch up painting services for your home, your vacation property, or for your rental property, the professionals at Scott Painting can provide the quick, reliable, and top-quality services you can depend upon to bring your property up to par.

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